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Be Prepared For a DEA Audit With Our 3 Programs.

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DAG (DEA Audit Group) was founded to prepare DEA registrants nationwide for the recent DEA “surge” formed to combat the opioid crisis. The inspection of pharmacies and practitioners by DEA has resulted in numerous administrative actions and civil fines. Some registrants could face suspension and eventual revocation of their registration and/or criminal charges. Wholesalers and manufacturers could also be affected for a failure to create a "Know Your Customer/Due Diligence Program", or to accurately monitor suspicious orders. The DEA has stated that they will continue to aggressively use this targeting playbook in continuing operations.

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Brian Rucker, the founder of DEA Audit Group, LLC (DAG) is a highly-recognized leader with over 34 years of government service. During his DEA career, Brian developed extensive professional relationships with key members of DEA, the pharmaceutical industry, and Federal and State regulatory agencies.

  • Top-to-bottom reviews of manufacturers’ and distributors’ “due diligence/know your customer” programs

  • Suspicious ordering monitoring procedures

  • DEA audit methodology and mock audits

  • Controlled drug record reviews

  • Distributor/pharmacy dispensing data analysis

  • Physical security evaluations

  • Training and education

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6424 E Greenway Parkway, Suite 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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